Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to Pay for my Bookpack Order Now?
A: No (except all packs that are being delivered to the school or to home ) You may choose to pay on Collection in January. (Choose your payment method at checkout) Please place your order to secure your cheap pricing and have the booklists prepared for you.

Q: What Payment Options do you provide?
A: We offer a range of payment options to suit your needs. These Include Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Cheque, Eftpos & Cash (In-store) & Paypal. We also offer Lay-by to assist with budgeting.

Q: Can I make my payment in person?
A: Yes, Please complete your order on-line and visit our Newsagency "Slade's Newsagency" with your print out.

Q: Where and When can I Pick Up my booklist from in January?
A: The Collection Dates are noted on our website may differ. Please check under your School heading to obtain days and times. All pickups will be from Slade's Newsagency.

Q: When will I be able to Collect from Slade's Newsagency?
A: Pick up dates vary for each School. Please check under your School heading to confirm Collection dates. During this period times available for collection will be Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9am-5pm.

Q: I did not place an order as we did not know if we were moving residence?
A: PLEASE place your order, assume you will be at your current school, we only ask as soon as you know you will be moving schools LET US KNOW.

Q: I may be changing schools but have not yet made up our mind?
A: PLEASE place your order, assume you will be at your current school, we only ask as soon as you know you will be moving schools LET US KNOW..

Q: My Son received Pink Items in his bookpack, Can I have the colours changed?
A: We try our best not to put pink into Boys packs but sometimes this is done in error. Please simply bring the item in and we will exchange it for a more suitable colour. (Please note that some items may only come in 1 colour)

Q: Every Year my child brings home heaps of stuff so I did not place an order.
A: Please contact your child's teacher or visit your child's class room and note items that can be reused and remove from your order.

Q. Can I return text books?

A No. Text books are firm sale generally, certain books may be returned for refund if the company we buy from allow it. We can assist you in Selling the item but refunds will only be given once the items has been sold.

Q: I just found my child's book list in their bag when cleaning up, and have missed the closing date. How can I purchase my needs? Can I place a Late Order?
A: YES you can but Due to Strict time restraints it is preferred that you place your order by the closing date as this allows ample time to have all orders ready for collection at the advertised time. However if you find yourself faced with the above problem please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavoured to assist you. Unfortunately there can be no guarantee that the book list will be packed and ready by the advertised collection date.

Q: Will I get a Phone call to advise me my order is ready?
A: Unfortunately due to the large number of orders placed this is not possible. However if your order has been placed on time with Slade's Newsagency then they will be ready for collection at the times advertised.

Q: Can a late order attract a surcharge?
A: Yes -Slade's Newsagency reserves the right to charge a admin fee of $10 per order on lists placed after the advertised cut off date - please refer to School details.

Q: How can I avoid the Surchage?
A: Place your order before the closing date. Remember you can pay for your order when you pick it up in January. By simply placing your order, you secure the pricing listed on your booklist.

Q: What prices will I pay if I buy the items off the shelf?

A: You will receive to same prices for off the shelf purchases as you do on the booklist for the duration of the Back to School Sale.  Sale Ends on the 16ht February 2020.  We reserve the right to charge our normal shelf prices.

PLEASE NOTE - Slade's Newsagency reserves the right to recoup the extra costs incurred for late text book orders!

Questions not answered? Please Contact Us with your question.